It has been aforementioned numerous times, in several occasions: the furtive to a triple-crown energy is in allowing, and bounteous legroom for the part of the pack of you that is truer, bigger, deeper to come with out and dramatic work... "Let go and let God" is by now a perennial spoken language. If it is so universal, what is keeping you from the sickly swear it offers? The tailing identities will increase your lucidity on where on earth the resistance may be to let go, to let God, to let gold, to let great.

1. The Owner

Has it of all time happened to you to escape material possession go of clothes, or conceivably of books that expected a lot to you? The inspiration is, this belongs to me; it is mine! More than to the matter appeal or the ecological possession, we hang on to the pregnant of owning a specific express doubts and to the internal representation that it conveys to us. It is not the $200 you washed-out on a bag, it is more that you bought it in Italy, and it's tricky to let go of what this leave has designed to you...

2. The Trapeze Artist

It is fairly justifiable that, at a occurrence of insurances and medium of exchange back warranties, you would want to have both sort of support before you spring. Think again! In fact rental go implies a oversize amount of holding. Imagine how utter is the holding of a Trapeze Artist... When you let go of holding on to that exceptional "possession" of yours, be it a friend, a cat, or a record player, you have to cognize in your hunch something else is approaching to replace it.

3. The Beginner

When does it start, do I comprehend you ask? When is one rental go? Who is interrogative the question? Certainly not the one who is letting go! Letting go in that knowingness is look-alike forgiveness: you any do or don't. On that subject, within cannot be any halfway span or breathing space for hesitation: that is where on earth lease go begins!

4. The Achiever

If you are working nasty on letting go, you are belike not doing it! Relax, lug a breath, become supple, tilt a little, have fun! There it is... Letting go happens once you are not trying, not concentrating, not efforting. Letting go implies to have transcended the success to get hold of thing bigger than the goal, that is, to challenge to collect you!

5. The Controller

Letting go is like fame: it is an overnight sensation! You power have played out scores of vivacity to go to a fix once you can disconnect from what had control you captive before. All of this was setting up for the "ultimate accident", for the magic instant that you cannot conjecture or authority... And yes, it is free, at large falling, unbound winged and full fun!

6. The Seeker

You are in intense danger! At any moment, you may be connecting to your aliveness, to your goodness, to your godness! At any moment, you may inadvertently brainstorm God! Could it be that you are staying in the pain, in the story, in the deception, simply because you are horror-stricken that if you were to find God, later all would be finished, the longing, the searching, the questing, the doubts, the dramas?

7. The Diver

I same to dream of that we all transport two angels on our shoulders, inform us in the direction of our dreams, tantalising us to jump and proceeds the rear. Yes, it is very alarming at present to will the congealed ground, the relaxed nest, and honorable go! Indeed to retrieve the dear pearl of life, you have to have the courageousness to club for it.

8. The Explorer

Adopting an somebody consciousness is really a decease of sorts: it is the readiness to separated from an identity, from a set of viewpoint that makes you who you regard as you are. It is in a way a group. In holding God do it, it no long is your danger. Somebody else will grip it. That is big to unexpectedly cognize organism other can do a superior job: what a nourishment that is!

9. The Shaker

Have you noticed that the sound mood comes out of motion? Motion happens once you put the accent on the "go" a bit than on the "letting." Your action is just abidance you cragfast in one stick. Just let "go", that is, let the "go" come with into the image. Allow yourself to run into new possibilities, enter upon new territories...

10. The Meaning Maker

This one is short-dated and sickly... It is so gilded and radiant. Look at what happens once you send night light into the dark of holding on tight: LIT EGO intrinsically becomes I LET GO!


Unless known otherwise, all matter is transcribed and altered by Mahalene Louis, Copyright (c) Soulvision Axis, Inc. (r) 2006. All rights introvert. Reprinting must embrace document catch sight of and a relation to



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