You are well-known beside the software package applications that you run on your computer, but you may not be familiar next to the lashings of programs moving in the background on your computing device. These programs, called "services" knob tasks approaching case logging, spooling files to the printer, and networking. One of these services, the Messenger Service, can be reconnoitered by spammers.

The unproved goal of the Messenger Service was to permit complex administrators to move a communication to several or all of the users on a exchange cards. The e-mail appears in a popup windowpane to watchful the users. Messenger Service is not instant-messaging. It does not let the users to counter.

All Windows versions pose Messenger Service and revolve it on by defaulting. A system of rules enthusiastically forthcoming from the Internet allows spammers to rule the Messenger Service on hundreds of thousands of computers on the Web. Users have popup spam windows that are not generated by the website they are impermanent.

If your computer is on a scheme at the rear a firewall, or you have a thrust application installed on your computer, it can be designed to obstruct access to the Messenger Service. Most firewalls are organized by non-attendance to bung up admittance to the Messenger Service. If not, tack together your thrust to congest quay 135, the dock used by Messenger Service.

Microsoft, in their cognitive content of electronic computer security, likes to bestow "back doors" to your computing machine unfurl. But they in due course wised up and Windows XP Service Pack 2 turns off the Messenger Service. If you are running Windows XP, your best possible bet would be to establish Service Pack 2 to bend off the Messenger Service and dear respective different protection holes.

If you are running Windows 2000, you can rotate off the Messenger Service manually. Select "Run..." in the Start bill and in the "Open:" matter box nature employment.msc, later clink on the "OK" knob. In the "Services" porthole that appears, right-click on "Messenger". In the "Properties" dialogue box that appears, sound on the "Stop" fixing and past in the "Startup Type" drop-down roll choice "Disabled". Then sound on the "OK" lever.

If you are moving Windows NT, superior "Services" in the "Adminstrative Tools" utility. Then disenable the Messenger Service as represented preceding. If you are moving Windows 95/98/Me, you can't incapacitate Messenger Service, you involve to free it. Use the "Add/Remove Programs" utility in Control Panel to spectacle the info of "System Tools". Uncheck the box next to "WinPopUp".

Now, near the Messenger Service on your data processor handicapped or removed, spammers will have to go posterior to pestiferous you the old style way - near canned meat email.


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