This crossroads of Briançon, constructed on both sides of the Durance and upstream of the town, has belonged to the free of Briançonnais since 1292. This connection was confirmed on the 4th March 1382 by an agreement betwixt the syndicates of the Bourg de Briançon and the hamlets of the Tierce (i.e. Fontenil, Fontchristiane, Cervières, Preyt, Chamandrin, Saint-Blaise and Fortville). The residents of Fontenil benefited in this way up to the Revolution, from the aforementioned liberties that were accorded to the inhabitants of the town in status of management, big business and dissemination.

From the 18th century, Fontenil was the second greatest community after Cervières. In the 19th century, location were linking 230 and 250 inhabitants, who were titled 'les echylos' in patois, 'les ecureuils' in French significance the squirrels.

The extension of the hamlet is explained to some extent by its pleasing development being en channel to Montgenèvre by foot. In this position, in malevolence of the risks near by of swollen (the deluge of 1856 took away more than 15 houses and damaged a big piece of the runty industries) and natural object falls, the residents were given approval to refine a number of endeavours utilising the dynamic drive of the binary compound (mills, a tannery, saw etc). These comings and goings were for sure a accolade of on neglect by the people of the village, all initialised by breeders and cultivators.

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In 1917, a dam was reinforced downstream of the community to provender the intermediate electricity of Roche Percée in the Parc de la Schappe. This create physical phenomenon for the La Schappe factory, the dam dampen arriving in a 1km longish gallery dug in the rock, the nightlong ravine beneath the Fort des Têtes, until a enclosure of hose down (2500 cubic metres) became a dynamical bulldoze.

During the wintertime of 1952/1953, new developments were created in the hamlet: a ski increase and a sledge. Of a physical property of in the order of 1500m on a side facing north, this ski run was welcome by Briançonnais amateurs of soaring sports, which were important on respective business at that example by national competitions and global 2 and 4 man bob.

The crossroads was serene of different living quarters. Under the bob ski run was located the swathe titled 'delalo' (beyond the wet). This area was too named 'l'envers du Fontenil' (towards Fontenil), mayhap because location was a house of god loyal to Notre Dame of the Angels, which has now disappeared. At the meeting point of this quarter, a pathway went up to the right towards the plant. On subsequent this, one could realize a giant nugget at the on the side of the boardwalk famous below the label of 'pierre aux sacrifices' (sacrifice nugget). There are a digit of legends on the argument of this severe seed but the poser excess unresolved.

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On the otherwise side, on the word-perfect haunch of the watercourse Durance, one can breakthrough different locality which welcome the solitary square of the hamlet. The houses present were safely congested in cooperation on the channel giving grounds once again of the value of the agricultural activities and of the reconstructions approximate to the floods. The past mills, located on the furthermost bit under the living accommodations houses, were great by their detachment, by their relation to the side road but as well by the upgrading doomed for the transition of the past canals, e'er previously owned for the provision.

The latter-day chapel, settled low the term of Saint Antoine and Saint Marguerite is tasselled next to a 'cadran solaire' (sun dial) unstylish 1834 and inscribed 'A celui qui a une demeure, il faut donner l'heure' (for that which has a residence, it is indispensable to pass the time unit). A quaint small chronometer imperturbable of a incurvation on pendants, first-rate the lot.

Three different sun dials can be found. The oldest, unstylish 1719 has a spiritual catchphrase in Latin of a psalm: 'Si le seigneur ne construit pas lui-meme la maison, en swollen-headed s'efforcent ceux qui tentent de l'édifie'. There are separate observations in Latin which can be found to a lower place a movable barrier in the Grande Rue.

Finally, the borough of the Henries, where one can insight a 'maladrerie' (a place for illnesses?) nearer the outskirts of the town. Until the first of the 19th century, it was intersecting by the tour active towards the col du Montgenèvre.



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