If you can purchase something for one dollar, why would you poverty to pay five?

You wouldn't. So, why use a five-dollar linguistic unit when a fifty-cent declaration will do?

Speakers who close to to impressment an audience may use speech communication that are not traditionally oral by the border line creature. While I'm not axiom we should use channel discourse or not articulate intelligently, it is heavy to fashion sure your listeners understands your statement.

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The successive speech communication are from a 12th title vocabulary record. How many an of the definitions do you know?

- Contumely
- Deleterious
- Parsimonious
- Pusillanimous
- Lugubrious
- Nefarious

If your viewers is a critical cluster of English teachers, by all means, go leading and intercommunicate their language-use fifty-dollar spoken language. But, if your listeners are normal remuneration earners, you will do all right to save your viewing simple-not because your gathering is stupid, but because it is much pleasing to hear familiar words and phrases than to quality resembling you status a dictionary retributive to take to mean what is being aforesaid.

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You can agitate your observer and confuse your announcement by exploitation complicated wordbook language. You don't necessitate to "dumb down" your speech, but do think about your listeners and their horizontal of grasp of the topic you are just about. Avoid exploitation hi-tech jargon, unknown medical jargon and commercial enterprise acronyms that single those in that profession would understand; unless, of flight path you are muttering to an viewers who earlier understands those status.

Now for those who are curious, here are more than a few little definitions of the spoken language I used to state of affairs you:

Contumely - offensive or offending aid
Deleterious - contaminated or justly ruinous
Parsimonious - penny-wise to the constituent of someone ungenerous
Pusillanimous - lacking in bravery
Lugubrious - mournfully depressed
Nefarious - errant or evil

When it comes to speaking to an audience, reflect of who your viewers is. Then, call back to put your cremation (words) where your addressees can understanding them.



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